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Understanding font file types


Stands for: TrueType Font.

The TTF format was jointly developed by Apple and Microsoft in the late 80s, several year after the release of the PostScript font format, The TTF also allows for "hinting" a process that improves the on-screen legibility of a font

Chrome Edge IE Firefox Safari Opera
TTF Yes (4+) Yes (12+) Yes (9+) Yes (3.5+) Yes (3.1+) Yes (10.1+)
Partial support in IE9+ refers to the fonts only working when set to be "installable". Support for this is tracked here.


Stands for: OpenType Font.

The OTF format is an extension of the TTF format adding support for PostScript font data. The OTF was developed joinly by Microsoft and Adobe. It is most likely a better font, as it supports more advance typesetting features (smallcaps, alternates, ligatures, etc etc..) It can also contain either spline (TTF-style) or Bezier (PostScript Type 1-style) curves. Read more about OpenType Font Here

Chrome Edge IE Firefox Safari Opera
OTF Yes (4+) Yes (12+) Yes (9+) Yes (3.5+) Yes (3.1+) Yes (10.1+)


Stands for: Embedded Open Type.

This format was created by Microsoft (The original innovators of @font-face) and is the only font format IE8 and down will recognize.

Chrome Edge IE Firefox Safari Opera
EOT No Yes Yes (4+) No No No


Stands for: Scalable Vector Graphics.

SVG fonts simplely contains glyph outlines as standard SVG elements with attributes as if they where only one vector object in the SVG image, SVG

SVGZ is the zipped version of SVG.

Chrome Edge IE Firefox Safari Opera
SVG No (deprecated) No No No Yes No (deprecated)


Stands for: Web Open Font Format.

WOFF is a compressed form of the OpenType font.

WOFF 2.0 however, is based on the Brotli compression algorithm and got other improvements over WOFF 1.0

Chrome Edge IE Firefox Safari Opera
WOFF Yes (6+) Yes (12+) Yes (9+) Yes (3.6+) Yes (5.1+) Yes (11.10+)
WOFF2 Yes (43+) No No Yes (39+) No Yes (31+)
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